Antonio J. Martín.                                                                                         Creator of  S T R A T T O corporation.                                                                                                                                                                                   Contemporary composer. Sound designer.                                                                                          Musician. Musical producer.

Everything in my music is expressive, emotional,  the sensations, the instinctive a continuous creative experience always in motion..... My music contemplate and represent the current modernity, not only because of or in its aesthetics, but rather, I interpret it as a symbol of innovation and authentic priority.

I integrate and accumulate a long trajectory, of intense work, experience, effort and personal research for this innovative creative matter, in their developments, looking for other ways of sounding, of composition and musical productionmuch more genuine, and fully connected to this 21st century. 

The sound forms and creative inspiration in my mind are manifested, developed, staying away from a usual musical conventionalism and even from the idealized, implicitly taking their own enjoyment and their innovative arguments.

In my case, when working on various sound configurations, with the emotional and creative expansion without delimiting, all that frees me ... and leads to a greater brain amplitude and performance capacity. That turns my music into a spontaneous and surprising mental evocation…. as it is represented.                           My work is a kind of sparkling lightning… illuminating… original.  In my opinion music has to be overflowing emotion ... if not that is worth it.


 I create and compose my music how I feel it ... how I imagine it ... without censorship or commercial impositionsEach composition , each work, arises from the sounds and the imagination that I would like to hear, and this, manifests itself as I listen and feel it, far from of the conventional, trying to capture in them my emotions and creative expressions intact.... in its purest form.              

think that a true composer should not be subject to the fashions or impositions of the moment.                       I try to make each work be singular, unique, for that reason, my production is done work by work.               Each work is a world. 

 _  Making your music and also being independent is not easy. I don't like idealized shapes.                         Prototypes can be very damaging. Without a doubt, my way of working and my works are totally different from everything conventional, musically speaking. This is my mission, to advance in mindset, open the expand creativity and to offer new sonorous and musical alternatives updated for this 21st century_ . 

 " Compose, design and create my music takes me to a state of concentration and freedom that separates me from any other thought.  A J M "        


My Music.

 In my works I do not try simply to look for, on the contrary, rather, I go out to find.  I pretend to design and develop my music in pure state, sometimes simple and other more complex, breaking with the established.

Personally, I make music what I do not find,  what I would like to listen to myself, works to be heard ... and leave the imagination a certain freedom for each listener. 

I use my music to express my emotions, develop other ideas, designs, discover new harmonizations and sound challenges.  I love the surprise...,  and surprise myself with new sonorities.   

My Music, my works, require a certain effort in listening, in discovering diverse and different sound elements. These are happening and are constantly evolving, looking for new expectations, and even surprise, perhaps because of that, it is not a music for crowds.                               My MUSIC is a kind of encephalogram of my soul.                  

Musical concept.

All my musical works are concentrated on content and authentic creative values.

I intend to disengage from the norms and structures established in conventional music; in this way, I can connect with new musical sound languages fully updated to the time we are living.

I think _ creatively speaking_ that theory and technique are very good as subjects ..., but,  what really matters is the job, your compromise and dedication ..., is where you really learn.


 Each musical work is unique singularmade with emotions intact, honest in its composition and away from commercial pressures and  the mere economic calculation.

 In my innovative musical project I put in value,  and give prominence to the world of sounds as energy form,  interacting with new  ways of musical creation,  applying new tools and current technology. 

Creative mission.

My style, form of composition and creative musical commitment is even more risky, brave, unique and detached from the conventional of the standard and even, of purely commercial calculation.  It is a constant flow of auditory sensory energies, in full development and evolution drawn in unison by the emerging sounds themselves, generated by the emotions themselves, and the tools used almost instantaneously .....           The music in my mind never stops flowing, it comforts me and helps me in any circumstance and to get through difficult times.

In my opinion, music, my music, must be alive, it should not be treated as something immovable, it is not how to build a stone monument, static and motionless for ever and ever ...                                     Music must be a feeling of freedom. 


 " If my music makes you dream with imaginary worlds, feel emotions..., my mission is completed ".  Antonio J. Martín.



Life is relatively short .. but , my musical and cultural work...  it will be lasting......