Antonio J. Martín.  Contemporary musical composer. Producer.


My music contemplate and represent the current modernity, not only because of or in its aesthetics, but rather, I interpret it as a symbol of innovation and authentic priority. Everything in my music is expressive, emotional,  the sensations, the instinctive a continuous creative experience.  The sound forms and creative inspiration in my mind are manifested, developed, implicitly taking their own enjoyment and their innovative arguments.                                               Through my musical vocation , experience  and job in this innovative stage _ started in 2010_  and my creative dynamism, I intend to contribute, present, and promote new alternatives to musical creation and production.  In my case, when working on various sound stage and diverse thematics and with creative expansion without delimiting, all that frees me ... and leads to a greater brain amplitude and performance capacity. That turns my music into a spontaneous and surprising mental evocation…. as it is represented. My music is  eloquent , bold, direct, connected to the present. This covers a wide sound and creative universe in a brave, honest and original way, waiting to be discovered by each listener.  

I have fragmented my productions into four different sound scenarios _ SOUNDSCAPES _ ELECTRO grooving SONIC shorts and MULTIFREQUENCY,  giving shape and singular arguments to my musical truth.... and creative amplitude to my compositions. Each work... is a world.                                                           In my opinion, the music also try to do what you are... who you are..., contributing  with your personality and express yourself with your own characteristic voice.

_ " Nothing replaces the talent and direct experience of the composer when creating and composing his music "_ .      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I create and compose my music how I feel it ... how I imagine it ... without censorship or  impositionsThe fluidity and independence in my work, initiative and personal love for my dedication          determine my talent, creativity and worth as a human being. Each composition , each work, arises from the sounds and the imagination that I would like to hear, and this, manifests itself as I listen and feel it, trying to capture in them all my essence creative and expressions intact.... making each work singular, specific, unique. 

_ When you do your music _ not the others _ you discover the great ideas that you carry inside... you express it sincerely. I think that's what really matters _ .  

The century of digitization, of technology, has the right to its own music.                                               I  think today's music demands other forms, other creative and sound configurations. You cannot always be repeating and copying about the same things ".


 My  music . Connected to present. 

In my works I do not try simply to look for, on the contrary, rather, I go out to find.  I pretend to design and develop my music in pure state, sometimes simple and other more complex. My musical work is hungry for emotions, for evocative sounds manifesting themselves in an authentic, bold  and eloquent way.                                                               In my works... everything is about to happen......      

My works require active listening, involvement of the listener to discover its progressions and sound variety.      

My MUSIC is a kind of encephalogram of my soul.... and my brain is my only weapon. 

I use my music to express my freedom, my own musical truth, develop other ideas, other designs, discover new harmonizations and sound challenges.  I love authenticity and surprise myself with new structures and sonorities, because of that, my works require of a certain effort in listening, and discovering diverse and different sound elements.  My music is not a for crowds.                                                                                     


Musical  CONCEPT.  The musical art of infinite sounds.

I integrate and accumulate a long trajectory, of intense work, experience, effort and personal research for this innovative creative matter, in their developments, looking for other ways of sounding, of composition and musical productionmuch more genuine, and fully connected to this 21st century.                                                  

My creative musical form _ hybrid . emerging _ drives me and offers me full interpretive freedom.                     It makes me show myself in a direct, precise way.  It is an obvious consequent outcome between the interaction and association of my brain network.                                                                                             _ We must not forget that the creative capacity is in us, part of our brain, and the tools whatever they may be, do nothing by themselves... they are an extension of ourselves.                                                                                                                            From my professional field and original artistic project, I firmly highlight innovation, originality and creative excellence, both at a sound level, in designs and in the form of current musical composition and production, key references, in my opinion, for the century in which we meet .    

Music is not a contest, nor is it a competition.                                                         


 Creative MISSION.  

My style, form of composition and creative musical commitment is even more risky, brave, genuine.               All my musical works are concentrated on content and authentic creative values.  My work is aimed at any listener who wants it and is worthy of wanting to listen to; It is a constant flow of auditory sensory energies, in full development and evolution drawn in unison by the emerging sounds themselves, generated by the emotions themselves, and the tools / instruments used almost instantaneously.                think that a true composer should not be subject to the fashions or impositions of the moment.

My musical mission is not to do what has already been done... if not to create what I am going to do today.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .... As Socrates pointed out... "change.. does not mean fighting against the old... rather... in building the new " .