Curiosity, imagination, searching , technology, exploration,  authenticity,  originality  and a complete creative freedom are essential elements for the creation of my artistic musical  works.

It is genuine Music,  innovative, singular, valiant,  in line with technological times we are experiencing, made with the heart and with emotions intact  through different sonorous  sensations, totally committed to the search for new forms of expression, trying to contribute and share varied horizons of sounds and promote another ways of create and feel to Music in this exciting XXI century. 


All the productions are exclusive, created and designed as a unique work, with total creative honesty, without commercials pressures,  away from a purely economic  calculation,  progressing and advancing in the development of new channels of artistic connection contemporary, showing  a new and more advanced approaches  in the current musical creation, exploring and designing new ways to generate different sounds,  increasing the possibilities of composition and provide new perspectives to the musical production.


 In my works, I try fundamentally, to generate new sonorous expectations, a mixture, from a possible prediction to surprise, that grows and ends up in something greater, in something unique.


               <  Composer. Producer. Sound designer.   >. 


The MUSIC is able to make us see with closed eyes...., to feel emotions  and travel without moving from the chair.



                                    Creative Mission:

* New ways of musical creation and of production.

* Sounds & Musicality free of expression. 

* Integration of sound design.

* Exploration & Experimentation: the desire to discover.

* Emerging  composition. 

* Emphasize the value of improvisation.

* Joint interaction between man, tools and technology.

                           Produce what feels.  


 An important value in this creative project is to give MUSIC a new updated sound, its emotional and communicative importance, much more in keeping with the changes and innovative times we are experiencing.

Never before in the history of Music, the human being has had as many creative possibilities, of expression and technology as today .  


All the musical works are original, escaping from immobilism and the comfort installed on Music in recent times, as courageous pioneers in the exploration of new and diverse sound horizons. 

In other words,  it's MUSIC to listen, to imagine, full inspiration with determination and without complex, always in search of surprise, the different and the unexpected.


                       the  SOUNDS  as form of  Energy.

                                 Enjoy listening !!.


 Featured productions.  December.

                                     Selection 2018.

 The musical works are selected and classified according to their themes, designs, elements, textures and particular production.


Contemplative music. Atmospheres.  Quiet  musics.       

                      Electro grooving

     Various sections rhythms + electronic sounds.


Sound permutations. different timbres and frequencies.

                Sonic short films

Works of long duration.Sound imagination without limits.


< For security, guarantee and protection of all the productions we exhibit the initial fragment of each work >.      


   SoundscapeS.   < published works: 19 >

  10 D meeting.  The tenth dimension.  < 05 :37>   

    Get this original work:  SoundscapeS. Menu   Price: 2,20 €

 <  to listen to all the works, click Soundscapes Principal Menu >.



Electro Grooving. published works: 20 > 

       Urban machine.  < 04:00>   Initial fragment.

Get this work: click  Electro grooving. Menu   Price: 2,20 €

< to listen to all the works, click Electro grooving  Menu >.



Multifrequency. published works: 20 >     

Living the Now.   < 06:20 >   initial fragment 

Get this innovative work: click Multifrequency      Price: 2,40 €

to listen to all the works, click Multifrequency . Principal Menu >.                                        


 Sonic short films.   published works: 7 >   

Concierto de año Nuevo.  < 13:06 >  Initial fragment.

Get this fantastic work _ Sonic short films. Principal Menu       Price: 6,20€

 <  to listen to all the works, click Sonic short films .

Principal Menu >.


 All  the works are a consequence of an extensive process of creativity, of design, selection of textures, sounds and a lot of work in studio, where originality, the composition and interpretation of the works are concentrated in its full expression.


* Exclusive sale of the works: 

We do not sell in a majority way, nor in Record  companies or in others digital platforms; is our own way of self-financing  for progressive development of new productions and artistic activity. 

The established  prices are exclusive.


< The original music is not to give away, or download for free, you have to buy it and contribute to its continuity.  Must be respect, value, praises and remunerates the effort, vocation and total dedication of the compositors .

Compositors and producers keep the music alive >.


 * EcoSTRATTO  collaborates with the protection of the planet and improve climate change in the world, using digital support for all works facilitating the sending of the same through e-mail for all our listeners, followers and professionals.


                                MICRO MUNDOS.

                       A. J. M. taller: 

Los sonidos, las emociones y la tecnología.

Otras formas de escuchar, crear y componer música en el siglo XXI

Tutor : Antonio J. Martín

Actividad promovida por el Consejo Territorial de Fundación SGAE en Madrid.               click: A.J.M. taller


Blog : recent  articles. 2018

* La Canción convertido en cálculo de Negocio.

* El Ruido, musicalidad escondida

* Siglo XXI. el factor humano en la Composición musical.

                                Antonio J. Martín.  

When you do your works with passion and you challenge yourself, those authentic emotions remain intact in each work.

            S W P.  sonic  worlds  project.  

It's my musical artistic project in which I present my works  as self-taught composer, restless sonic explorer and independent producer.

 dedicate myself by personal conviction and professional vocation to the ambit of contemporary musical artistic creation and its multiple sound expressions.  

In this innovative musical project I put in value,  and I give prominence to the world of sounds as energy form,  interacting with new  ways of musical creation,  applying new tools and current technology.

All my  works are designed and composed in a pure way, always with full authenticity in its development,

and exclusive interpretation diversifying the works in four specific sonorous scenarios:


   Soundscapes .                 Electro Grooving .         

 Multifrequency .             Sonic short films .      


Each work represent a specie "Sound canvas"   with their varied and particular sonorities,  performed through the auditory emotions, exploration and emerging compositions in evolution. 


             " Original MUSIC  created to listen ".

       The evocative power of the genuine Music. 


 SWP. represents a new and different concept of  sounds and musical creation continuously evolving,  providing new forms of sound and ephemeral expressions of broad spectrum,  where the interpretation is not for sale.


One of the fundamental purposes in my works is to give MUSIC a new updated air of creative and compositional freedom, provide different sounds and musical colorsanother  ways  of listen,  of expression and understanding  with the sound world that surrounds us.


It's alive music with complete emotional  freedom.

" That each listener perceives his own sensations when listening to the work " .


In my works no conventional styles or gridded structures; there is  dedication and absolute commitment; always  looking for new challenges and emotions in each  production.

                      Each  work is a world.


If you are willing to open your ears and uncover these diverse sound worlds, the result can be really exciting.

In each reproduction of the works, it is not just about hearing... , it is about listening in all its amplitude.


For all those listeners and  sympathizers  interested  in getting these innovative works,  you can do it here, in an easy, fast and safe way.  


              Directly without intermediaries _    

_  from the composer / producer to the listeners _


Also, with your purchase, you will be contributing to the realization of new developments, in research and in the production of new creative and artistic projects.

An excellent way to help and collaborate in the financing of this creative activity and independent production. 


You can select and buy each work  individually or create your own compilation to your taste.

You have full freedom for your choice.

             for  Listen  all  works  and   buy  

                            click  principal  Menú :

Soundscapes _                            Electro grooving _

Multifrequency_                          Sonic short films .    


 Thank you to everyone for your listening,  support and collaboration.                      


          _ NEW _  published  works _          


                                 Resonance Box.  <04:32>

                                  Initial fragment. 

    Available in  Electro Grooving . Menu.    Price: 2,40€  


                          conSumo placer. < 02:57 >

                                    complete work.

             Available in Multifrequency  2,20€ 



                             Virtual train.  <03:56 >

                                 complete work.

              Available in  Soundscapes. Menu.    2,20€



                    Urban natural paradises. < 08:12 >

Fantastic composition and musical production combining natural sounds and artificial sounds within an urban environment in different natural spaces.

 Sonic short film.                         initial fragment. 


          Available in Sonic short films.   Price: 3,50€                  


                     the electronic surfers.  < 03:41 >

                                 complete work.

          Available in    Electro Grooving .     Price: 2,20€                       


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Founder.  Antonio J. Martín

< Composer / musical Producer,

Sound designer >


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