Antonio  J. Martín. 

Contemporary Composer.                         Sound designer.

Musical Producer.



S T R A T T O  corporation is my pseudonym artistic and musical creative 

project formed since 2010. 

My work _ Sonic Worlds Project_  presents unique pieces ... expressing their sound story ... being  singular and different from one work to another...   perfectly connected and aimed to the new Music of the 21st century.


From here, I invite you to know, to listen  all my works and to deepen on my compositional trajectory and artistic vision,  without borders..., without creative limits . Through my job and dynamism I intend to contribute, demonstrate and offer new alternatives to musical creation and composition in this 21st century. In addition with my works, it allows me to communicate and share my emotions and feelings with my listeners, followers and friends, without impositions, with a complete creative honesty.                                                                                                                          As a consequence of my wide expressive and creative variety, my works are fragmented into four specific sound scenarios: Soundscapes. ELECTRO grooving. Multifrequency and SONIC short film. 


Music is able to make us imagine with closed eyes...., to feel emotions..., travel....,  without moving from the chair. A J M. ".                                                                                                    


 Contemplative music. Chill music. This sound stage integrates 26 published themes.

202O. Augost. Multicultura 21 <05:12 >

Woks aimed at various rhythmic combinations and emerging sounds.                  This sound stage integrates 25 published  themes.

NEW  work. 2020.

Expectant and Alert.    04:12 

 The hidden musicality.  Sound permutations in pure from.  This sound stage integrates  25 published themes.

  2020. June

Welcome Spring.  05:02 

Works of  long duration. Cinematic music. This sound stage is composed by 11 published themes.

2020.  July               Immediate FUTURE.  07:27 

Exclusive sale of my works.                              _without intermediaries_.  

For those all interested, lovers of new sounds, restless listeners and friends, you can buy all my works only here and thereby contribute by supporting my artistic musical project. 


You have three different  ways to buy

1. You can choose, combine and buy individual works that you want. You only pay for each work.

 2. You can combine works and make your own compilation. 

 3. You can buy directly my exclusive  annual compilations. _ Click on Compilations AJM. Menu_ .


Featured  works:  September.                                                            

        Press to PLAY ...  and  ENJOY it ....     


Thank you all _ listeners, followers and friends_

MUSIC is always a great gift.   




It is recommended to use headphones or speakers for a better listening and appreciation of the different sounds and musicality._  



S O U N D S C A P E S.

Emotional Latency. <06:50>

Sound stage: Soundscapes. 

Submission of the original musical work file _ Mp3_ via e.mail.

2,50 €

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E L E C T R O grooving.  

INconbustible . <04:29>

Sound stage: ELECTRO grooving.  

Submission of the original musical work file Mp3_ via e.mail.

2,30 €

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M U L T I F R E Q U E N C Y.

Living the Now. <06:20>

Sound stage: Multifrequency. 

Submission of the original musical work file_ Mp3_ via e.mail.

2,50 €

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  • Tiempo de envío 1 días1

SONIC  short  film.  

The Spirits of the jungle. <12:00>

Sound stage: Sonic short film. 

Submission of the original musical work file _ Mp3_ via e.mail.

3,60 €

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