W E L C O M E.



Antonio  J. Martín. 

Contemporary  composer.                                 Musician.

Sound designer.

Musical Producer. 

21 st century MUSIC.      





 S T R A T T O  corporation  is my pseudonym artistic and musical project formed since 2010.                              I invite you to discover, to listen my works and to deepen on my creative project and innovative artistic vision.  My contemporary works expresses my personal style, brave and dynamic, a creative and sound search in constant progression..... without borders..., without creative limits... without impositions.                                                          In my understanding the music has to be alive ... It is not a stone monument to be built.. And most importantly ... there must be truth in it.

My works exalts emotions, ignites fantasy and wide horizons....covering a wide musical universe, which,           I have fragmented into four specific and representative settings:                                                                                             Soundscapes.  ELECTRO grooving.  Multifrequency  and  SONIC short film.   

In my music everything is possible.......


 Contemplative music. Chill music. This sound stage contains 28 published works.

Woks aimed at various rhythmic combinations and emerging sounds.                  This sound stage contains 26 published  works.

 The hidden musicality.  Sound permutations in pure from.  This sound stage contains  29 published works.

Works of  long duration. Cinematic music. This sound stage contains 13 published works.


Each album represents all the work done in that year and frames the most outstanding works created and produced throughout the year. Supports, respects and collaborates with the creative work, effort and dedication of the composer / producer by buying their works.


 Album 2015.      Album 2016. 

Album 2017.       Album 2018. 

Album 2019.       Album 2020.                   

 Exclusive sale of works.

For those all lovers of new sounds, restless listeners  /  friends,  you can buy my works only on my website._ without intermediaries_.  With the acquisition of the works you will be contributing to the progress of my work and artistic project.                                                                                                                                          


You have three ways to purchase: 

1.You can choose, combine and buy individual works that you want. 

_ You only pay for each selected work_ .  

2.You can combine any work and make your own compilation. 

3. You can buy directly my exclusive annual album.  _ Directly without intermediaries_ . 


 Buying my works is a symbol of guaranteesecurity and total trust for all _ listeners, followers and friends_ Thank you very much for your listening, support and collaboration.


Remark: My works are not published or for sale on other musical platform. 

` Except on my YouTube channel: S T R A T T O  corporation. Sonic Worlds. 

For any question about the acquisition of works, you can contact directly through CONTACT.


The showcase. Premieres. Outstanding works.


 It is recommended to use headphones or speakers for a better listening and musical sound appreciation. 

For reasons of protection, warranty and security of the original works, the initial fragment is shown for listening.  

Chromaticism.  6:08. NEW.  Soundscapes.  

Hidden worlds.  4:34.  NEW Multifrequency.  

Ancestors in my brain.  3:45. NEW. Multifrequency.   

Hypnotic.   7:36.                    Sonic short film.  

Multicultura 21.  5:12 ELECTRO grooving

OceanS.  4:41 Soundscapes