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S T R A T T O  corporation.

Genuine and Transparent M U S I C  for select listeners with open ears.


Created and produced by                                                       Antonio J. Martín .  

Since  2010 >

Contemporary composer.

Musician. Sound designer.

Musical  Producer. 


" My contemporary work _ Hybrid and  Emerging _ covers a wide sound   variety in a brave, honest and original way, waiting to be discovered by each listener.  My creations give shape and sonority to my musical truth and integrity to my work. I take my music to its maximum consequences of expression.  In my works everything is possible.  I hope you enjoy it.....      



S T R A T T O  corporation  Shop.

All my works are for sale only here for all those listeners, followers  and friends interested in acquiring them. _ without intermediaries _.                                  Your purchase is safe and with full guarantee,  directly between producer and listener.  I really appreciate your listening and collaboration.


I offer you 3 ways to purchase. 

1You can choose, combine and buy individual works that you want.                                                                       _ You only pay for each selected work_ .                                                                                                              2You can combine any work and make a custom compilation. 

3. You can buy directly my exclusive annual album. _ since 2015 to 2021_ 

Value and support the work of creators by buying their works, this is the best way to do it.                                    M U S I C  is always a great gift _ .  Thank you all.


The showcase.  Outstanding works. Each work... is a world. 

 It is recommended to use headphones or speakers for a better listening and musical sound appreciation. 

For reasons of protection, warranty and security of the original works, the initial fragment is shown for listening.


 * Remark: My works are NOT in Spotify, nor in ITunes, nor in Amazon, nor in any other digital distribution platform. The amount of benefits for the composer, the artist, is really ridiculous, it is almost an impossible mission. This situation is unaffordable for the creator, meanwhile, the big platforms are getting bigger and bigger at the expense of all users and the musical creators, leaving most of them "missing " in the digital limbo.      


MUSIC is like the wind.  4:49.  NEW.  Soundscapes.  

Welcome Spring.   5:02  Multifrequency. 

TimelesS.  4:34  Multifrequency.   

Strattojourney.  18:48                                Sonic short film.  

COSMOpolitan Sonic Collage.   4:12    ELECTRO grooving

Imperfectly Perfect.  5:36    Soundscapes