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S T R A T T O  corporation.

  21st century  M U S I C .                               

 For lovers of new sounds and select listeners of new musical trends.   Since  2010 >    


Created and Produced  by                                                       Antonio J. Martín .  

Contemporary musical composer.  Sound design.  Producer.


 My music is connected to the present, and covers a wide sound and creative universe in a brave, honest and original way, waiting to be discovered by each listener.  

I have fragmented my productions into four different sound scenarios _ SOUNDSCAPES _ ELECTRO grooving SONIC short film _ MULTIFREQUENCY_  giving shape and  singular arguments to my musical truth.... and creative amplitude to my compositions. Each work... is a world.                                        In my opinion, MUSIC must communicate emotions, evoke, provoke sensations.... and also try to do what you are... who you are, contributing  your own personality and your own language. 

I hope you like my works....  and enjoy listening to them.                                                                                                                                           


 S  T  R  A  T  T  O  corporation.   

S o n I c   W o r l d s .    

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* You can buy directly any of my published albums.                                              Your purchase _ on my official website _  is easy, fast and safe, with full guaranteed.  ¡¡ Thank you very much to everyone !!.     




Recommended musical works.

 Use headphones or speakers for a better listening and musical sound appreciation. 

For reasons of protection, warranty and security of the original works, the initial fragment is shown for listening.


Distant breezes.  NEW.  Soundscapes.  

Dreaming.  6:27  NEW.         Multifrequency. 

Future is Today.  5:11                 Multifrequency.   

ImmerSion.    7:12                            Sonic short film.  

diAblo.   4:08                            ELECTRO grooving.

Rough diamond.  4:26               Soundscapes