S O N I C     W O R L D S     P R O J E C T


 The MUSIC is able to make us imagine with closed eyes...., to feel emotions,  and travel without moving from the chair.


             SOUNDSCAPES.     Published works:  20                         ELECTRO  grooving.   Published works:  20

                 MULTIFREQUENCY.  Published works:  22                 SONIC short film.    Published works:   9

                                                                                            _ 71  works


                                                                          _ NEW_   musical works.  2019


                                ¡¡ Premiere !!

                    Celestial  Melodies <10:03>

An exceptional emerging musical work of authentic celestial inspiration.  Initial fragment.

        Available in Sonic short film. Menu


              Exclusive    C O M P I L A T I O N S                                                                        

           An excellent album with the best musical works.       2016.  9 works

                                   2017.  11 works

                                  2018.  11 works

   Available in COMPILATIONS Menu

                HYBRIDUS   < 04:34 >   Initial fragment. 

             Available in MULTIFREQUENCY. Menu.                                     

          Global  S O U N D S.   < 09:43 >  Initial fragment. 

           Available in  Sonic short film.   Menu.   

                 H 2 O . < 06:00 >   Initial fragment. 

      Available in  SOUNDSCAPES .   Menu.           

             AntarcticA  <06:02>      Initial fragment. 

           Available  in MULTIFREQUENCY.  Menu.   

                                                                                  Featured works:   May

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                  For security, guarantee and protection of all works, the initial fragments of each work are exhibited for your listening. 

                 It is recommended to use headphones or speakers for a better listening and appreciation of the different sounds.



Contemplative music.  Sound atmospheres.

                   Calm, relaxing music.


        Sounds of the subconsciouS .   < 05:03 >

                Initial fragment.    Price: 1, 20 € 


                   The hidden musicality.  

           Sound permutations in pure state. 


                        Synthesized .  < 04:05 >

          Initial fragment.     Price: 1.20 

                  E L E C T R O grooving. 

Rhythmic combinations and varied sonorous spectra. Varied metrics and emerging sounds.


                   Resonance Box.  < 04:32 >

          Initial fragment.      Price: 1, 20 €  

                      SONIC SHORT FILM. 

     Works of  Long duration .  Cinematic music.

        Sound imagination without limits


    Ultrasonic Hemispheres connected  < 07:37>

              Initial fragment.    Price: 1,50 

                                   Antonio  J.  Martín.   

                       Composer.  Musician.  Sound designer  

                       Creator of   S T R A T T O  corporation.  


 I present you and share with all my creations and original musical works. I consider myself,  a kind of sonorous artisan, a restless musician and at the same time, a bold creative composer;

a nonconformist seeker of other ways of doing, of other ways of sounding; of not staying in the easy, the obvious, or, in the same as always,  at the time of create and compose my works.


 My music has a very high emotional factor. In my works I do not try simply to look for, on the contrary, rather, I go out to find. I intend to design to develop restless music, sometimes simple and other more complex, that can also be consumed in private, becoming "more direct and intimate", almost, in a personalizing way, thus breaking with the established.

                                                    My works are created and produced one by one.


Personally, I make music, what I do not find, what I would like to listen to myself, works, to be heard ..., to open ears and leave the imagination, a certain freedom for each listener.

All my musical works are concentrated on content and authentic creative values.

I intend to disengage from the norms and structures established in conventional music; in this way, I can connect with new musical sound languages fully updated to the time we are living.


 Each musical work is unique, genuinesingularvaliantmade with emotions intact, honest in its composition and away from commercial pressures and of the mere economic calculation.

 In my innovative musical project I put in value,  and give prominence to the world of sounds as energy form,  interacting with new  ways of musical creation,  applying new tools and current technology.


                                                         Each  musical  work  is  a  world.....   


                             2 0 1 9.

      S T R A T T O  corporation. 

          S O U N D S.   E M O T I O N S.

         T   E    C   H   N   O   l    O   G   Y


 Thank you to everyone for your listening, support and collaboration. 

     Exclusive sale  of  works .            

 If you like and are interested in acquiring my works, you can do it here, in an easy, simple and safe way. 

       Without intermediaries.

 You can choose and select freely, individual works or create your own compilation to your liking.  It's up to you.



                                                                   Antonio J. Martín.   Blog


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