Antonio J. Martín.  " STRATTO"


 I consider myself, humbly, a kind of sonorous artisan, a restless musician and at the same time, a creative composer; a nonconformist seeker of other ways of doing, of other ways of sounding; of not staying in the easy, the obvious, or, in the same as always, at thtime of creating and composing my works.


In my innovative musical project I put in value,  and give prominence to the world of sounds as energy form,  interacting with new  ways of musical creation,  applying new tools and current technology.


One of the fundamental purposes in my works is to give MUSIC a new updated air of creative and compositional freedom, provide different sounds and musical colors another  ways  of listen,  of expression and understanding  with the sound world that surrounds us.


In my works no conventional styles or gridded structures; there is  dedication and absolute commitment; always  looking for new challenges, surprises  and emotions in each  production.


Each work represent a specie "Sound canvas"   with their varied and particular sonorities,  performed through the auditory emotions, full of details with various soundsexploration and emerging compositions in constant evolution. 


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                  STRATTO MUSIC . 2019 


 Soundscapes.         Published works:  19

Electro grooving.      Published works:  20

Multifrequency.       Published works:  20

Sonic short films.     Published works:   7


                  A. J. M. taller: 

Los sonidos, las emociones y la tecnología.

Otras formas de escuchar, crear y componer Música en el siglo XXI

Ponente : Antonio J. Martín

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      Blog : recent  articles. 2019


* La Escucha. Estímulo Auditivo y creativo musical.

La Canción convertido en cálculo de Negocio.

El Ruido, musicalidad escondida

* Siglo XXI. el factor humano en la Composición musical.


       * Exclusive sale of  my musical works: 

The original music is not to give away, or download for free, if you like, you must to buy it and contribute to its continuity.  Must be respect, value, praises and remunerates the effort, vocation and total dedication of the compositors .

Them, compositors  keep the music alive >.


* EcoSTRATTO  collaborates with the protection of the planet and improve climate change in the world, using digital support for all works facilitating the sending of the same through e-mail for all our listeners, followers and professionals.


Thank you to everyone for your listening, support and collaboration. 

      S W P   < sonic  worlds  project >.  

 The MUSIC is able to make us see with closed eyes...., to feel emotions  and travel without moving from the chair.


                                 Creative Mission:

* New ways of musical creation and of production.

* Sounds & Musicality free of expression. 

* Integration of sound design.

* Exploration & Experimentation: the desire to discover.

* The emerging  composition. 

* Emphasize the value of the controlled improvisation.  


Produce what feels.         Each work is a world.


All  the works are a consequence of an extensive process of creativity, of design, selection of textures, sounds and a lot of work in studio, where originality, the composition and interpretation of the works are concentrated in its full expression.


     NEW _  published  works _          

                          2018 -19

                       Resonance Box.  <04:32>

                              Initial fragment. 

      Available in  Electro Grooving . Menu.  

                                 Price: 2,40€  


          Urban natural paradises. < 08:12 >

Fantastic composition and musical production combining natural sounds and artificial sounds within an urban environment in different natural spaces.

Sonic short film.                         initial fragment. 


    Available in Sonic short films.   Price: 3,50€       


              the electronic surfers.  < 03:41 >


  Available in    Electro Grooving .     Price: 2,20€      

         Blog :  Featured original articles.

                     < 19 publications >

 La Escucha. Estímulo auditivo y creativo musical.

* La Canción convertido en cálculo de Negocio.

*  El Ruido, musicalidad escondida 

* Siglo XXI: el factor humano en la composición musical.

* La Música nos pertenece a todos. 

* El Talento. 

* la falsa vagancia y miopía  auditiva.

* Creatividad + Tecnología _ un gran equipo_.

* STRATTO_ notas, apuntes y conceptos.

* Música: Lenguaje Universal sonoro.

* Sé tú mismo_ La importancia de ser original y genuino.

* Diferencia entre crear Música y  crear Canciones.

* la dificultad hoy en día de diferenciarse.


  Antonio J. Martín

< Composer / Producer,

Sound designer >


 All artworks have been created, designed, composed  by

Antonio J. Martín


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