S  T  R  A  T  T  O  corporation.   

 S o n i c   W o r l d s .                                      

Original music  21 st. century.                     The musical art of infinite sounds. 

Created, composed and produced by  Antonio J. Martin.   Since 2010.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


You can listen to all my works, mix and  buy any work that you want in my different sound stages:

 Soundscapes.  33 works.

Multifrequency.  37 works. 

Electro grooving.  29 works. 

Sonic short film.  16 works.  

     Each work .... is a world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


 * Besides, you can also buy directly my annual productions. click on : ALBUMS.  8 published.                                        


 Exclusive Online Shop.    

Dear listeners, friends: I do not sell my works on conventional digital music platforms, I do not like the imposition of their conditions, the general massification, and its absolute control of the music business.

Personally, I prefer a direct and close deal with all those who like my music and are interested in my work. In my understanding, buying music is acquiring a possession., something unique.                                                                                            


To make your purchase: Main page.

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Important: Indicate correctly your e.mail for later sending  from the album or the selected works.                                            _  Digital Master file. MP3 _ .

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Buy directly from whoever creates and produces it.     

Thank you for your visit. 


* Upon receipt your selection and checked your purchase we will send your album or the elected works,                       to your e-mail address you have provided.  

 * Note: by protection and guarantee of my productions, once you have made your purchase we do not accept refund. 

For any information, request, you can contact through the form. _ Contact _.  


A L B U M 2 0 2 2. NEW.

Timeless. 4:34    Sidereal expedition. 5:39

AfterglowS. 5:20. The path to freedom. 5:45

Music is like the wind. 5:00    Dreaming. 6:20

Future is today. 5:10    Retrospective. 5:30

Crepuscular zone. 4:26    Rough diamond. 4:16

Distant breezes. 6:29      

15,90 €

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A L B U M 2 0 2 1.

 Sahara. 5:05.                   

Slow Burn. 7:41    

Hypnotic. 7:36.

Chromaticism.  6:08

Into the Storm. 10:11

Hidden Worlds. 4:32.                                                                       IN expansion.4:03.                                                                                        Is there anyone out there4:00

 Ancestors in my brain. 3:45.                                 Imperfectly Perfect. 5:36

14,65 €

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 D I S P L A Y 

Goodbye winter. 4:30. NEW. Soundscapes.

2,30 €

  • Available
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Out of the ordinary. 6:34. NEW. Multifrequency.

2,40 €

  • Available
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Under the bright light. 5:01. NEW. Electro grooving.

2,40 €

  • Available
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The last frontiers. 7:41. NEW. Sonic short film.

2,70 €

  • Available
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