S T R A T T O corporation. SONIC short film.

This sound stage is made up of long-lasting works. cinematic music. Each work expresses its own theme and unique production. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Each work is a world.

Works : 16

 The last frontiers. Into the storm. Slow burnHypnotic. ImmerSion.  Immediate FUTURE.  The Spirits of the jungle. Celestial Melodies   Global SOUNDS . Urban natural paradises. Ultrasonic Hemispheres connected.  multiuniverseS. Strattojourney.  Forajidos. Concierto de Año Nuevo. Sleepless sheep journey. 


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< All rights are reserved and protected by Antonio J. Martín.  STRATTO corporation. © 2023 >


               * For security, protection and guarantee of all productions I expose the initial fragments of each work. 

                                   < I  recommend for your perfect listen using headphones or external speakers. >   

        The last frontiers.  < 07:41>

                Initial fragment. 

  Slow burn.   < 07:12>

                    initial fragment. 

                Hypnotic.  < 07:36 >. 

                      Initial fragment. 

The Spirits of the jungle.  < 12:00>

                   Initial fragment. 

Ultrasonic  Hemispheres  connected.  < 07:37 > initial fragment.

 multiuniverseS.  < 09:34 >

               initial fragment

             ImmerSion.  < 07:12>

                    initial fragment. 

      Global  S O U N D S. < 09:43 >

                    initial fragment.

 Urban natural paradises.              < 08:12 >  initial fragment.

  Concierto de Año Nuevo.  13:06 .

                  initial fragment

Sleepless sheep journey.    

< 08:59 >.    initial fragment

      Into the storm.  <10:11>

                   initial fragment. 

    Immediate FUTURE  < 07:27>.

                     initial fragment. 

          Celestial  Melodies.  <10:03>

                     Initial fragment.

           Forajidos.  < 11:20 >.

                   initial fragment.

      Strattojourney.  < 18:48 >. 

                   initial fragment

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