Innovative restless musics. Explore, risk, test without complexes

 An authentic sonic expression and creative with a complete compositional freedom.


Catalog of works:  20.

 conSumo placer.  Supersonic Speed.   Living the Now.   ICY planet.   Synthesized.   next station_ MARS.    Sonic  Storm.   RoboTTronic.   Electrified.   Electro21.   Future Rock. MAXImalist.   IN nova OUT.   Dripping melodies.  Dark heavy duty.  The Sound Hunter.   Desinformatrón.

 Running against the tide.  Creatic Park.



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* All artistic musical works are a consequence of an extensive process of creativity, of design and a lot of work in studio, where originality and  the composition is concentrated in pure state. Each work is unique.


* Exclusive sale of  the works: we do not sell in a majority way, nor in other Record companies or in others digital platforms;  is our own way of self-financing for progressive development of our productions and artistic activity. The established prices are exclusive.

Respect, praises and remunerates the effort and dedication of the authors. Thanks for your listen, support and collaboration. 


* STRATTO  collaborates with the protection of the planet and improve climate change in the world, using digital support for all our works facilitating the sending of the same through e-mail for all our listeners, followers and professionals. 


                                         * For security, protection and guarantee of our productions we expose the initial fragments of each work. 

                                                                  < We recommend for your perfect listen using headphones or external speakers. >   

             conSumo placer. <02:57 >

               Complete work.

              Supersonic Speed.  < 05:43 >

                   < initial fragment >.

               Synthesized. < 04:05 >.

                    < initial fragment >.

          RoboTTronic 2.17   < 05:45>

                 Complete work.

                  FUTURE ROCK.    < 04:44 > 

                        < initial fragment >.

          Dripping melodies.  <03:50 >

                      Initial fragment        


                  Desinformatrón.   < 06:06 >

                       Initial fragment          


                  ICY planet.  < 04:20 >.

                    < initial fragment >.

                Sonic  Storm. < 03:27 >.

                  Complete work.

                ElectrifieD.  < 05:16 >

                           initial fragment   

                MAXImalist. < 06:10 >  

                       Initial fragment                                                         

              Dark Heavy Duty.  < 06:17 >

                       Initial fragment          

    Running against the tide.  < 04:02 >

                  initial fragment.


                Creatic Park.   < 03:30 >

                           Initial fragment       

               Living the Now.  < 06:20 >.

                          < initial fragment >.

          next station_ MARS.  < 04:18 >.

                       < initial fragment >.

                     ELECTRO 21.      < 04:20 >

                            < initial fragment >.                             

                IN nova OUT.  < 05:46 >

                           Initial fragment          

            The Sound hunter.  < 04:28 >.

                       Initial fragment   

                STRATTOINE.  < 06:06 >

Electronic thriller.         Initial fragment          


                                      CREAte your own compilation to your liking.                                   


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 We offer the opportunity to listen  the initial fragment of each work exhibited for your listen.

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